Dropping the mic on the Single Nation


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                                 {YOU MIGHT WANT TO RAP THIS}

*Disclaimer: Sometimes I’m hilarious or cra or both – YES, I wrote this! And you should rap it (and make it go viral)) With love to my single friends who are sometimes dying inside.I heard from too many lonely hearts this week and this was my only reaction. Hold on…. and drop the mic on the single nation! XOXO, Lexi

This is for all you single ladies, commitment phobes, and serial daters, tempted to become complete and total haters. ..So you went out with him once, you had a hunch it wouldn’t be that easy, even though you don’t typically fall so head over heelsy…

He said “Yeah, catch ya later.” Later?

This leaves you asking your bestie, “Will he eva text me?”

“You can do better, girl…you are talking about forever, so what if he says whatever.”

Thinking, praying.. I’m just sayin’ why are all these good men waiting?

The good men are waiting, holding back… so we are datin’ the less desirable. No, no my standards are not that pliable. But it leaves me wondering…who exactly is viable?

Talk shows unpacking, matchmakers matchin’, single girls yackin’, saying today’s men are lackin’. Baby, are you trackin’?

Boy, you act so tough out in the world full of never enough. What will it take for you to surrender, to know that life can be better, just go and get her. Before you miss your chance, you know you gotta eventually advance.

She wants a man that is made of inner steel, someone who keeps it real who knows where to go when life gets hard and knows how to lean on the Master, not fearful of disaster and set on a God-sent ever after.

Love isn’t real until you give it away. There is freedom in this self-donation, believe me, it has the power to change the entire nation… why you waitin?

When did we become a world of ones, not twos? In this single nation of careers, fears, past hurt and most thinking it’s too much work – the ladies and the men, both feeling this now and then. . get on your knees and get into the mystery and ask Him to heal your generational history.

Thinking, praying. I’m just saying, why are all these good men waiting?

You’re used to being on your own, God said it’s not good for man to be alone. The Bible says a three-ply cord cannot be broken, this is His holy Word spoken. Guys, it’s time to get daring. She’s been waiting for someone caring.

Thinking, praying. I’m just saying, why are these good men waiting?

Love doesn’t come in a snap or an Instagram, but is part of His Divine Plan. If you think it’s glossy and sweet like some of your Tweets, you will miss the substance that will be the glue well beyond your honeymoon.

I meet so many single women, waiting praying wondering why are all these supposed good men waiting. They cry, sigh, struggle to keep their spirits high while they are waiting for good men to pursue them, woo them and ultimately “I do” them.

Girls even still, while you are waiting, lean not on your own understanding. There is a perfect plan, and He will bring you that man. It’s His timin’, he’s alignin’, all of heaven is conspiring for His Will to bloom in a glorious unfolding so your future is more than golden.

Thinking, praying,. I’m just saying, why are these good men waiting?

 I’m just saying, I’m gonna be praying.. praying that you real men step up and make your move, know you have nothing to lose, you can change the entire nation. Your forever is waiting.


Pushing intentions over the edge



When the power of God comes down, it’s a force that changes you. The Holy Spirit is a fire, a river, a mighty rushing wind.

As Catholics we pray, ”Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints.” The saints are one with Christ and operate on our behalf. God is so generous, he enables us to collaborate with Him and share in the work of Salvation. The saints give glory to God as they work to lead us on the path to holiness. We don’t worship the saints; rather we ask them for their intercession and to recommend our needs to our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus.

My grandmother had a devotion to St. Anne and said that after she prayed “St. Anne, St. Anne, send me a man if you can” that she met my grandfather. As a result, many of the women in my family have a variation of the saint’s name. I was given St. Anne as my patron at Baptism and have always prayed to her.

My mother and I share this and when I was just out of college, we both were formally consecrated under her patronage at St. Anne’s Shrine in Fall River, MA. It was a very serious and solemn consecration under her relics and with special prayers. I remember the borderline stern priest asking me the promises for consecration and the seriousness of the act are imbued in my soul. “Do you promise to raise your children in the Catholic faith?” asked the priest. “Yes.”

Again and with more urgency, “Do you PROMISE?”


I can’t say that I pray to Anne daily but she’s there. When I found out I would be traveling to Quebec for Mary’s Touch Radio Show to accept our Gabriel Award, I remembered that the Basilica of St. Anne de Beaupré was a place I needed to visit. As the days of the trip grew closer, I felt only something I can describe as a magnetic force within drawing me to make this mini pilgrimage for what’s coming next in my life.

I was Ubering all around Quebec for business at hand and someone told me you could Uber to St. Anne but not out. I wasn’t in the mood to be stranded in a foreign country on a Friday, so I found a short little bus tour that was going to stop at a quaint island and a stunningly beautiful waterfall – the Montmorency Falls. I thought – Island? YES! Waterfall? YES! I really only cared about St. Anne, but when in Quebec….Of course my little “day off” was a disappointingly overcast day complete with an unrelenting rain mist that left me, little Miss California, soaked through a fashionable non weather proof look and gave a slip in my step with my heely open toe shoes left to traverse a wet suspension bridge over the falls, because, when at a waterfall, you cross over it of course!

Despite the conditions and my non-tour bus persona, I entered in heartily to this experience. I felt like the people on the bus in Under the Tuscan Sun. First the island – checkered with colorful and quaint French homes, which made me wonder exactly who lived there, how did they get there and what did they do? The remoteness and beauty of this territory was a very romantic escape and a snapshot into the “New France” in a throwback sort of way. We stopped at a chocolatier and had a few sweet things in the breakfast hour. Sweetened up for the rest of the ride.

Then the Falls. I’ve never been to Niagara and they told me this was higher. It was a precursor to what would happen at the Basilica. The rushing water, its pounding unstoppable force and the clear direction of the falls and the water spray was rather mystical and exciting. The visual seemed like a metaphor for the way God moves with power. I walked over it, under it and could feel my heart pounding as the water moved in force. The beauty was exquisite how the water crashed up in artistic formation upon hitting the St. Lawrence River. God was showing off in His creation.

Our charming French guide wanted to make a few extra stops and I was suddenly getting frustrated that these diversions would cut into our (my) time at the Basilica. A couple from LA started to panic that they might miss their ship and an aunt and niece from Michigan refused to get off the bus for the stop at the Copper Museum. So did I. I didn’t need a ton of time at the Basilica, I just wanted to get inside – to be near her, to give her my heart, to remind her of my consecration and have her push things over the edge for me the same way the pounding waters crashed loudly over the falls into the St. Lawrence.

But when our French guide said we were going to Mary’s Bread, because the bread is so good and delicious and because Mary…. I started a little interior freak out. “If he’s only going to give us 20 minutes, that’s not enough. Lord, move this along. I believe in Mary and her ancient bread making business and I could eat about 50 croissants right now, but please get us there.”

I was contemplating Ubering and evacuating the bus. But I kept my cool. Finally, after our eclectic tour group ordered up bread enough to last the end of the world in the Quebec countryside, we made our way to the Basilica Shrine of St. Anne.

As we made our approach the driver announced, “YOU HAVE THIRTY MINUTES.”


That’s it? I knew I should have rented a car. The bus stopped and I leaped over people and down the aisle to the door to position my exit.

“Open the door.” I started running up the hill and to the main entrance and my entire body began to shake and a power washed over me that words cannot describe. I was crying but not sad. I was trembling and nothing was wrong. It was like the power of God was rushing through me. I hurried through the main doors and a woman at the entrance announced “No photos until the conclusion of Mass.” I thought “GOOD, I may make Mass!” I ran down the main aisle and it was the absolute end of the end of Mass but at that very moment within the 3’oclock hour on the feast of the Sacred Heart, the priest announced that he was bringing out the first class relic of St. Anne to be venerated. The same pounding force was moving through me and the Holy Spirit was doing something dramatic.

Had we not stopped for the copper museum, and the bread, I would have been too early for the encounter with my saint. God knew the exact timing and He knows what He is going to do doesn’t take long.

The power of God was more manifest for me here than almost any other place on the earth I’ve visited. I was face to face with my Baptismal saint. I venerated her relic and again gave her my heart, my soul, my offering, my petitions. I took many others with me including my family most especially. And I took all the “Annes” in my life, and those who asked for specific prayers.

My prayers were simple and direct and after kneeling in this grand miraculous basilica where miracles have been happening since the first bricks were laid, and which prompted countless sick to leave behind their crutches, canes, and walkers, I know that. St. Anne has given my prayers to the Father, through the Son and with her daughter Mary, the Mother of God. And for that, you don’t need thirty minutes, because there is no time in Eternity. I know that Good Saint Anne took my everything my interior and my drenched pilgrim exterior and offered everything perfectly to Him.

When God is about to exact your victorious breakthrough, sometimes you have to pilgrim across a continent to know who is working on your behalf – God was showing me that the prayers of my youth were coming to the fore now and to fruition for the glory of God. Lest I ever forget St. Anne’s powerful and miraculous intercession for me, God sent me to Quebec.

Good St. Anne, pray for us!

Praying for you!



Saint for a Match Made in Heaven


If you are follower of the blog, I encourage you to listen to me on Mary’s Touch Radio each week! I have such an exciting show this weekend and I can’t wait for you to tune in!

For those who know me well, you know of my devotion to Ven. Fulton J. Sheen and how very personal it is. Bishop Sheen has been a force of intercession behind every aspect of my life working in the media and for intentions of the heart. Mary’s Touch radio is a huge aspect of this.

Sans major details, my devotion began with his masterpiece, Three to Get Married. This is a classic spiritual work where Bishop Sheen introduces the mind blowing concept that it takes not one, not two, but three to get married. Dang, I need an army. But I digress. Not many people are aware that the late and great New York Emmy Award winning Bishop was a matchmaker. If ever a generation needed a divine kick in the pants down the aisle, it would be ours.

Ever since I read Three to Get Married, I lean on the Bishop to help bring about this vocation for me and for others. (You will all be invited to the wedding, unless it happens really fast and then well, small weddings rule). You could imagine my surprise when I learned that Sheen not only instructed about the Church’s teaching of the Sacrament of Marriage, but he literally got in the middle as a matchmaker. Playful. He loved the drama.

Sheen loved love and family life and he stood in the gap to help others embrace their own vocation. With saints you generally have to just read about them to get the picture, but I’m so excited to let you know that THIS weekend on Mary’s Touch Radio, I speak with Bishop Sheen’s cousin Rosemarie Holliger Costello. Rose’s parents were set up by the Bishop saint-to-be. Rose has become a dear friend and through her I have come to know Bishop Sheen in ways unimaginable.

In the natural realm here’s this famous TV bishop inserting himself for love’s sake. A young couple assisted to meet and come together, encouraged by the Bishop to foster a friendship and relationship with a dignity rooted in Christ. In the spiritual realm God is the third aspect of marriage. It makes sense that the natural sign comes to reveal the spiritual dimension of God’s presence in marriage and the making of a holy one.

Do we think about these things? Do we pray upon these things? Do we invite Christ to be involved in our discernment of a future spouse or in the challenges and joys of our marriages? Do we collaborate with grace when the Divine Lover introduces us to our intended? Do we approach relationships as self-offering or self-serving?

These are important questions.

You may listen HERE to this incredible program where you will hear first hand from the family of a saint-in-the making and his deep impact on an entire family. Rose shares about her parents’ story, their engagement and how the Bishop was uniquely involved. Rose also shares details about some of the lessons she learned from his holy example as well as his unwavering devotion to the Blessed Mother.

Rose connects us to one of the leading churchmen of our time, one whose example remains as relevant as ever especially in a culture that no longer regards marriage, commitment and sacrifice. I firmly believe that Bishop Sheen is an intercessor for the total turn around that our society needs to return to making holy the things we have stripped of the divine.

Fulton Sheen said this about love:

The basic error of mankind has been to assume
that only two are needed for love: you and me, or society and me, or
humanity and me. Really it takes three: self, other selves, and God;
you, and me, and God. Love of self without love of God is
selfishness; love of neighbor without love of God embraces only
those who are pleasing to us, not those who are hateful. One
cannot tie two sticks together without something outside the
sticks; one cannot bind the nations of the world together except by
the recognition of a Law and a Person outside the nations
themselves. Duality in love is extinction through the exhaustion of
self-giving. Love is triune or it dies.

Check out MarysTouch.org for area listings, go get a copy of Three to Get Married and tell a friend!

Ven. Fulton J. Sheen, pray for us!

Praying for you!


Maternal Fire



You have a mother. I have a mother. This is our common denominator. And mothers have power. So much so that there is a special day just for these women: Mother’s Day. American culture has set aside this universal typical May day on the contemporary calendar to single out the women who sacrificially and unconditionally have given us life, love and have set aside their own plans for the lives of their children. It becomes a girlie fun tribute of all things feminine: flowers, pastels, brunches, spa days, gift giving and family gatherings for the queen for a day, the queens of our lives. Kids move heaven and earth to get home or get cards and signs of love to moms. For those who have enjoyed healthy, holy mom relationships, there is no greater love or power of influence on the earth to encourage, sway, guide, impart virtue and make you feel like you can do anything. If not your natural birth mother, assuredly, there has been a surrogate woman in your life who has been a sturdy influence.

Our mothers give us the practical blue print for how to navigate this messy thing called life in academic, social and familial settings. Mothers are the heart and soul of a family. They teach, comfort, care for, make a house a home and impart grace and courage for the ups and downs. They don’t need any formal blog called “Scary Mommy” because she has been that – holding the bar high, warning us when we are out of line, breaking wills and rebellion and laying truth smack down when we need to hear it. Moms step in when the heat gets turned up in family life or life in general – they referee, mediate, pray for us, defend, and go without so we have more. They want our best, our advancement and our happiness. They want us to have the best jobs, homes, health, husbands and wives. They want to pass on the good they have stored up so we can use it for our benefit. Good mothers are not so much our friends as they hold a high office of parenthood to form us, not always please us. They do this out of love.

Living in LA, I missed Mother’s Day in Boston last year so I’m flying home this weekend. What I didn’t realize about this particular Mother’s Day weekend is that we have the double-whammy juxtaposition of two celebratory events honoring motherhood. The card buying country is geared for it’s American “Mother’s Day” on Sunday, but if you back that up on Saturday May 13th it’s the feast of Our Lady of Fatima and the 100-year anniversary of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s appearance to peasant children in Fatima, Portugal which opens a watershed Marian year of grace celebrating and calling to mind Mary’s original appearance. This is a rousing reminder to people everywhere about this historic and very real, appearance to simple peasant children.

Raise your hand if you never knew anything about Mary appearing on the earth in the past 100 years. Never learned about it from your parents? Never heard about it at Sunday School? Never Googled it? Blew it off? Ok, hands down. If you think the Catholic faith is boring, old school and for a bunch of men, track with me: The blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, appeared six times to three shepherd children near the town of Fatima, Portugal between May 13 and Oct 13, 1917. This should sort of blow your mind! The Blessed Virgin told the three children that she had been sent by God with a message for every man, woman and child living in our century. Mary appeared at a time when the world was at war and violence – she promised that Heaven would grant peace to the whole world if her requests for prayer, reparation and consecration were heard and obeyed.

As Jesus hung on the Cross and saw his mother and the disciple John, he said to his mother, “Woman behold your son. And John this is now your mother.”  (John 19:26) At that moment in time, Jesus put all of humanity under the care of his own Mother. This is why Mary keeps appearing. She has charge over us. If you are a mom or a dad of minor children, you know what that means. You are custodian, parent, and the boss. Mary is the one with charge over us and with a sway with Jesus. She comes to us appealing for us to amend our lives, begin again and follow a life in line with the Gospel. That no one would be lost, Jesus sends his Mother again, and again, and again.

Are we listening? More intense than a nagging mother making you do the dishes, make your bed, pick up your crap on the floor of your bedroom, get home on time etc., the Mother of God, steps in to break the wills of her earthly children to bring attention to the spiritual practices that are the sure way to sanctity, peace in families and ultimately peace in the world. It was so urgent and important that she appeared from heaven and entrusted these simple children with her message that would reverberate for the past one hundred years.

In 1917 war was tearing through the world. Flash forward to 2017: we have this new and horrific form of terrorism called ISIS taking strongholds around the world annihilating men, women and children for no reason. We have North Korea bearing down threats of nuclear war. More troops being aligned and repositioned around the world. And we have a home grown violence: abortion playing out as a contemporary killing field snuffing out lives of the innocent as a form of birth control and a way out of the consequence of free license and a sexually pervasive society that has moved further away from marriage and family life.

What would Mary say to us now? Would Fatima be more urgent given the state of the world today?

Mary has appeared all over the earth – these appearances, or apparitions, have been investigated and approved by the Church. The apparitions at Fatima freak people out. The messages seem harsh. But isn’t real love, the truth?  Mary obviously cares so much that she’s appeared in La Salatte, Kibeho, Knock, Pompeii, Guadalupe, Loreto, Lourdes and many more places around the world. In Fatima, she comes as a mother with an urgent warning calling humanity to turn away from sin, to amend lives, to convert and even make reparation (offer sacrifice and penance for sins), to pray the Rosary daily, to wear the brown scapular and to tell others. There’s talk of sin, a vision of hell that seems right out of a modern day thriller and fierce warnings. As serious and grave as it sounds she’s more compelling and loving sometimes than our own mothers giving a literal countdown to our teenage rebellious selves before we are grounded for doing something so stupid. Our Lady at Fatima doesn’t want to ground us or have us stuck in our stupid ways. She wants to enlighten us and urge us on to a life second to none with her Son. She wants us to live heaven now and by adopting certain practices in our daily lives and she presents to us the ways to achieve this. (Listen to my interviews with Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle here and Colin Nykaza here for more about Our Lady of Fatima and Marian devotion)

I was recently interviewed by a priest about Mary and asked why the concepts of sin and hell are lost on our culture. That question really gave me pause because the question does need to be asked but I don’t think the answer is that simple. Yes, sin darkens our own ability to see truth. But it got me thinking. Is it because priests are not preaching and teaching about this? Have we as a Church lost our sense of the mystical elements of our faith? Do we look at the Gospel as a historical event separate from the reality we are living? How come there are so few of us? Is it that an entire generation is basically not going to church, so they don’t hear the messages? Are we not talking to each other and evangelizing the way we should be? Do people know and they are outright rejecting the message?

Our society of more, me and now is clouded by noise, the self and a turning away from heavenly truths with a giant #fail. We are so in the now, we forget that there is an eternity and that our now determines where we will ultimately spend that eternity. Daily mindless grinds, the swirl of the world and sin are the primary distraction and obstacle of separation,

There’s more.

If we are not churched or educated on heavenly realities we can become lost in ourselves and subject to self, ego and even more sinful patterns that impede our relationship with God and make us generally blind to the fact that there’s more to this life. There is an entire life after death, we are born for a purpose, a great destiny – here and beyond. Like our own natural mothers who call attention to the rules, the ways to live a life that will bring our joy, happiness, our heavenly mother does much more than that – her goal is to help us get to Heaven and she holds the keys: prayer, conversion, penance. Sacrifice of chores, hardship of work, suffering and loss offered back to God can bring down His glory. We can blame our family, priests, the church whatever for not knowing about this truth. But it’s time to grow up and take responsibility for our destiny and where we will spend it.

Just as you thank your mother this Sunday for all she has given you in life, you may have hated it when you were a child, the ways she disciplined or kept you in line – you can see now the whys behind all of it. What happened when you didn’t listen? You may eye-roll when the Church points to active and not passive sentimental devotion and the more that you are called to, but it’s true food for the soul and your own advancement – the position that your Heavenly Mother aspires for you to live forever with her Son, Jesus. When God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus passed through Mary. They don’t do anything separately. In the same way, we are permitted to pass through her motherly heart, her heart of fire that burns with love for us.

I pray that this year, you will look with new eyes toward the heavenly reality that God is calling you to Himself. That he’s using his Mother Mary to lead you and guide you, and as she appeared to three peasant children 100 years ago this Saturday, she comes to you now and calls you to a new life, one that will give you the peace that passes all understanding and will make you a bearer of that peace.

This weekend, as you go to honor your earthly mom or the mom-figures in your life, and seek to honor that love, that life-giving force, the sacrifices she or other mom-figures made for you, I pray you will take some serious time to look to your heavenly Mother Mary and ask her to help you align your life under the priority of heaven. Saturday, May 13th is a good place to start.

“O My Jesus forgive us our sins and save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of your mercy.”

Praying for you+



Friends of Mercy



When my parents dropped me off I said, “Turn the car around. I’m not staying here overnight.”

For the record, whenever you are about to encounter a great good, there’s always a force to pull you back into yourself. In my case whenever I’m leaping forward in the spiritual realm, the dust really kicks up. Thankfully, with time, I can see the signs of this warfare and can actually plan for it, but in my early days, I couldn’t recognize this little battle within myself. The enemy doesn’t want our growth into truth but wants to isolate us and keep us in the dark. This weekend was going to be God’s unmerited gift of grace to enter into his Divine Mercy.

Despite my mini meltdown, at seventeen my faith was exploding. My parents were dropping me off at my first overnight retreat as a high school senior and it was simple and profound. I had strong faith that drew me to the Sacraments, a rapidly blossoming prayer life and Marian devotion, but to share it so openly with others who believed was truly life changing. It made me vulnerable. It made me aware of the power of the community. The friendships that forged and the new aspects of what being the Body of Christ meant, really shaped all the days to follow. Let’s face it. If you don’t have anyone to walk with, it can be a lonely journey on the narrow road of faith, AMIRIGHT?

Thank God my parents in their goodness told me to give it a night and see. I soon forgot about the parking lot drama upon arrival as well as my parents as soon as I was immersed into a weekend retreat full of fun, the power of God, prayer, the Sacraments of the Church, and in a profound way – new friendships – the type of people who would teach, instruct and simply walk with you on your journey of faith.

Kate was my roommate on this overnight retreat and just a year ahead of me as a freshman at Merrimack College. She was part of the leadership team. I was a Framingham kid and she was a north shore girl from Malden. We were roomed together in this old convent and never slept because we stayed up all night sharing everything about ourselves. She already knew she was going to be a lawyer and I already knew I was going to work in television. We talked all night about our family lives, our faith walk, career dreams, desire for boyfriends and eventual husbands – and were amazed at the ease in which we connected and the juxtaposition of our teen selves pouring our hearts out across twin beds at this moment in time. She became a big sister in the faith to me and was very much God sent.

After our Quincy weekend, Kate and I kept up our fast forging friendship all through college and young adult life. I would borrow a car to meet her half way in Boston, Quincy or I would ride up to Malden as I was enamored with her huge Irish family and amazing brothers and sisters. I later joined the retreat team and all through college we had special continual formation weekends with amazing priests and other young adult leaders and married couples. We led weekend retreats delivering faith and sharing our testimony to high school teens from around the Archdiocese of Boston. One of these late nights sitting in her parked car talking, praying together – Kate taught me the Divine Mercy chaplet and spoke to me about this devotion. How come I never heard of this? The Divine Mercy now, and especially then, circa 1990, was a rather new devotion in the Church and though on the rise had not made a permanent fixture into parishes and dioceses until Pope John Paul became its chief herald.

Jesus appeared to a Polish nun, now saint Maria Faustina Kowalska of the Blessed Sacrament, OLM in 1931. Sister Faustina wrote in her diary that on the night of Sunday, February 22, 1931, while she was in her convent cell, Jesus appeared to her as the “King of Divine Mercy” wearing a white garment with red and pale rays emanating from his heart. Read more here.

What is the chaplet? You pray the Divine Mercy chaplet on your Rosary beads and pray the Our Father, Hail Mary and the Creed and then on the big bead “Eternal Father, I offer you the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.” And on the little beads x 10 you pray, “Have mercy on us and on the whole world.” In conclusion you pray 3 times, “Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, Have Mercy on us and on the whole world (Diary 476).” We prayed it right then and there.

Jesus said to Saint Faustina, “Unceasingly recite this chaplet that I have taught you. Whoever will recite it will receive great mercy at the hour of death..Priests will recommend it to sinners as their last hope of salvation. Even the most hardened sinner, if he recites this chaplet even once, will receive grace from My infinite mercy (687) …Oh, what great graces will I grant to souls who recite this chaplet (848)…Through the chaplet you will obtain anything, if what you ask is compatible with My will (1731).. I want the whole world to know My infinite mercy. I want to give unimaginable graces to those who trust in My mercy (687).”

Grace. Great graces. Infinite Mercy. Obtain anything. Unimaginable graces. Trust in My mercy.

The message of Divine Mercy, is truly profound and it really attracted me because of my Polish heritage. I began to read the Diary of Saint Faustina, to whom God revealed his message of mercy and study what it meant. Jesus revealed his message of mercy through a simple Polish nun and all of this recorded revelation – all approved by the Catholic Church (after scrutiny and investigation) is available in the her Diary. This blossoming devotion led us to spend time at the Western Massachusetts National Shrine of Divine Mercy  in Stockbridge – a place of extraordinary grace and blessing right in our New England back yard.

Tomorrow, the first Sunday after Easter is the Sunday that the Church designates each year as Divine Mercy Sunday. Churches around the world will have celebrations and devotions in honor of the Divine Mercy, which will include the recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Eucharistic Holy Hours, the reading of excerpts from the Divine Mercy diary, veneration of the image of Divine Mercy and perhaps in some special places include veneration of the relic of Saint Faustina.

Jesus told Saint Faustina, “At three o’clock, implore my mercy, especially for sinners and if only for a brief moment, immerse yourself in My Passion, particularly in My abandonment at the moment of agony. This is the hour of great mercy. In this hour, I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of Me in virtue of my Passion.” OK that right there is BOSS! Let me repeat what Jesus is saying to you and to me:


We can immerse ourselves at 3 o’clock each day (I call it the hour of power), but on the day where we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday there are extraordinary graces and I implore you to stop everything and enter in. Even if you have never participated in this devotion, enter in for yourself, your family and the knots in your life. I promise you, you will not be the same.

What are the key elements of Divine Mercy?

  • Ask Jesus for His Mercy (by prayer, repentance) and ask him to pour His mercy on us and the whole world (if you have not been to confession in a while – even years – this is important – don’t be afraid, but let God undo those knots and visit confession this weekend if you can)
  • Be Merciful: God wants us to receive it and share it (share the message of mercy and share his love and forgiveness)
  • Trust!! God wants us to trust in Him – the more we trust, the more He can do for us. Jesus, I trust in You!

I don’t know if I ever would have received the Divine Mercy message as soon or as profound if not in the parked car with Kate that night. Would I have answered something from a church bulletin in the same way as a teenager? Like Kate, I want to be your friend of mercy. If you have never heard of this devotion, consider this a turning point for you to enter in. If you recall this devotion and have waned, consider this a re-entry. I want to teach you how to pray this chaplet and invite you to this profound aspect of our faith that opens to us an ocean of His Mercy that is transforming for our lives and the whole world. I want to encourage you to immerse your life, your sins, your failures, your shortcomings, your longings, your sickness, your wounds, your pain, your family, your dreams and your destiny deep into His ocean of Divine Mercy. When Jesus was upon the Cross and his side was lanced, the Blood and Water poured forth as an ocean of Mercy for you and for me. This ocean of Mercy is transformative. I encourage you to stand underneath His side and receive all that he has for you. And then, go out and be a friend of mercy to someone who needs this message.

Jesus, Mercy, Jesus – we trust in You.

Praying for you, my sweet friends+



I’m loving you

Jeff Glor, Don Nelson and me at the Vatican covering Saint John Paul IIs death and funeral in 2005


I still don’t know how I ever made it. Grace is like that.

It was the end of March 2005 and I was on a two week vacation in Palm Beach with my family begging, “Pope, please live. Please, live a few more days.”

I desperately needed a few more days off and a mental and physical break from the frenetic pace of my 24/7 newsroom life where, for the most part, the days bled into each other. I had a ton of “comp” days from working through Boston breaking news events of the year and was chilling down around the pool enjoying the sunshiny monotony of vacation days before it was too late to cash in the time.

In the previous several months, Associated Press was constantly breaking news on Pope John Paul II’s failing health, something I knew was imminent as a newswoman but as a Catholic daughter of his Pontificate that spanned my entire life, I didn’t ever want to consider Catholicism without him.

Every time the AP alerts chimed on my desktop, I started to go through our Pope death plan and a subsequent prospective travel fire drill that had me reorganizing a designated suitcase with just enough toothpaste, suits, and pajamas that ultimately would never be worn as we would never change outfits or sleep except for a 10 minutes here or there on the floor of the NBC workspace. The AP breaking updates would ping, we’d make some calls to sources and check flights. Papa would rally. Rinse and repeat.

Everyone has that squad at work that keeps you informed – even on your vacation. In a newsroom environment, put that loyalty on speed dial and it’s a daily read in with the 411. While I was around the pool, I was getting calls from those colleagues about how this time it was “different” and “maybe you should fly back.” The word at the Vatican was that the pope was in really grave condition. The news director called and told me that he wanted me to get on the next flight back because our designated Papal crew was getting booked on the next flights out of Boston to Rome.

I remember I had one night left to scramble and get everything together that I would need for international breaking news travel. I’d been there multiple times before for work and personal trips, but the suddenness and geographic maze was a complete fire drill. I was not ready. I was not home in Boston. I did not have my passport. I only had flip flops and casual clothes and needed to get to the mall to scoop up a few serious outfits and sturdy shoes that would handle what could be weeks on standing feet covering his death, funeral and coverage of Pope John Paul II’s successor.

My mom drove me to the little Palm Beach International airport and somehow I missed the first flight out. That NEVER happens. I started to pray and said, “God if I’m going, you have to make a way. This other plane barely will land on time for me to make the connection. I can’t worry about this. Either you are sending me or not. I’m surrendering this.” My mother hung with me until I made a run for the next flight and we prayed together.

No one had a key to my little house except the landlord who was out of town. My passport was in a purse hanging on my bedroom door in the zipped interior pocket. The ninja newsroom assignment desk arranged for the news director’s assistant to cab to my house (pre Uber you guys), and as she reluctantly rode to my seaside Winthrop cottage, I was giving  instructions for a breaking and entering through the kitchen window. The Pope was about to die, I was in an emergency travel situation and I didn’t care if my place had a broken window for the duration. It was THIS crazy and more, “Tell her to get one of the outdoor pieces of furniture, climb up, cut the screen window with keys, climb in – she will fit – and when she is in there, there is a park bench piece of furniture to catch her. Then go to my bedroom and the passport is in my purse hanging on the door.” It was like Holly Hunter from Broadcast News meets Holly Hunter from The Firm. It got done. God bless this young woman forever.

My dad wasn’t with us in Florida and he met me when I landed in Boston. He went to the news station to grab my passport from the break-in, my Pope folder of sources and contacts, and the travel cash that we would need for the trip to hand off to me as if we were in some sort of Spartan race. I just remember running and running and running until I made it through international security. On the other side, I met with our team and we were all hugs and smiles that we were ready to be wheels up. It was a literal miracle.

With all the logistical hurdles, we were already in breaking news mode. I didn’t expect that we would actually get to the Vatican and the Holy Father would still be alive. It was truly God’s grace to make it in time to be one of the first in St. Peter’s Square while our beloved Papa was still with us.  Our team connected with NBC where the network had their live location space right on the ground level until we would later be positioned on a nearby roof for the duration of the continuous coverage. We hooked up with the network bureau, Rome correspondents, former Ambassador Ray Flynn and other thought leaders like George Weigel who were all piling in to be part of history.

It was April and freezing cold in Rome. A coat was left off the mall scramble list of must-haves in my last minute shopping spree. We shook off the cold as best we could as we stood in the square and observed the people coming in one by one and later in streams. The Holy Father was drifting, but still with us. We were there. We were praying for him. Observing. Talking to people, hearing their stories and what compelled them to urgently come to St. Peter’s and stand in vigil. A compulsion that we shared in our own professional “pilgrimage” to be positioned beneath the Papal apartments with the people. Before his death on April 1st Pope John Paul II said, “I have looked for you. Now you have come to me. And I thank you.” This was the essence of the return of the love he poured out on the entire world, God’s love. God’s passion. God’s pursuit. God’s constant presence. The swell of people who came in droves to make a return to the one who called them, spoke of God’s love to them, cajoled them, was epic. The Church was alive and not dead. Love was responding to love. The emotions were like nothing I’ve experienced with grief and love intertwined.

We’d work. Quietly reflect. Observe. Point out observations to each other. It was the calm before the absolute crush of humanity that descended upon the square as far as the eye could see which culminated on the day of his funeral.

I’ve never felt emotion like what I felt when the announcement of his passing was made. It was 9:37 p.m. The bells began to toll. To be standing there so close to his window where we stood below many times before in the same square experiencing his many Wednesday audiences, the canonization of St. Edith Stein and the Jubilee 2000.  I first experienced his Papacy up close as a teenager at World Youth Day in Denver. I covered his United States Papal visits as a journalist and now this-  this momentous full circle moment in time seemed to stand still. Immediately at the passing, doves flew to the Pope’s window almost like a signal and then up to the sky. We marveled at creation’s response in this moment.

As he passed, I believe so much grace was imparted. I know I received it. My life changed forever after this experience. It was as though the old was passing and the new was coming. He showed the world how to live and how to die. He brought the Gospel to the ends of the earth as the Vicar of Christ on earth. And he also showed us how to embrace every ski slope, every stage, every man or woman of good will, every baby, the sick, the forgotten, the young from all over the world, the sinner, the poor, the wealthy, athletes, the aged, the unborn, other saints, the Eucharist and the blessed Mother. He taught about family, friendship, and authentic love between a man and a woman. He lived his life to the full, proclaiming forever the name of Jesus, up until he could not breathe one more breath.

A year after his passing, I was in Rome again. I was working for the Diocese of Palm Beach and traveling on vacation with Fr. Benedict Groeschel on a little pilgrimage through Italy. I went a few days early to enjoy private time in Rome and heard that there was a huge Polish celebration of Pope John Paul II’s life and that Fr. Stan Fortuna from Fr. Benedict’s order, the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, would be performing as part of this gala event. I contacted Fr. Stan and to our amazement, he got us primo front row seats to this blessed occasion. It’s was a huge Polish scene that was broadcast live on Polish television. JP2s peeps and a few American priests (episcopal secretaries to Bishops) and us. (Thank you Fr. Stan!)

I actually may not have fully grieved his death until a year later because I worked right through it. This Polish remembrance crystalized everything about Saint John Paul II and gave us all time to process the loss, the legacy and how we were being called forward. It was deeply moving and we wept as if his death was the day before. It still hurt. There is a rap song that Fr. Stan wrote and performed about JP2 that you may have heard. It’s called “I’m loving you.”  He nails it. Imagine this swank Polish event and then introducing “the American priest, Fr. Stan Fortuna” who in his Franciscan garb and dreads rapped this ode to our hero in full street Jazz – all soul.  You can listen to it here. Here’s one verse I want to leave you with as we remember his passing – the passing of Saint John Paul II, the Great.

In the first days that you was gone

There was a void in my heart, dark like the 


There you was helping me not to be 


Pushing me to move on with energy, 

purpose and determination, like you been

With the courage and the heroes of the Polish nation

With no hesitation, you went deep into the greatness of your vocation

I’m loving you

Another thing that this Pope did and did well was connect his kids. My dear friend Paul George and I were both in Denver for World Youth Day 1993. We both had profound experiences. If you are part of the JP2 generation and are feeling nostalgic, take a listen to my appearance on The Paul George show here. We talk about JP2, Denver and where we are now.

John Paul II, we love you! Saint John Paul II, pray for us!

Praying for you+



Mary’s Touch



A few years back, I was working at a faith-agency that abruptly shut down. Like a crash landing. When this agency closed it left many of us unemployed for a significant time waiting and praying for the next right move. It was worse for the men who had families, but let’s face it: one day out of work is a long time. Yet, I’ve learned over time to never question and have seen over time that God always has my back and comes through bigger and better than if I planned anything for myself. If one door closes, another is opening and had the one door not closed, I wouldn’t have the need or desire to go where His prompting leads. If a job is uncomfortable or challenging, sometimes it’s a cue to plan your exit. Sometimes God wants to strip us of attachment and give us a greater sense of Divine Providence, lest we ever think it all depends upon us. It doesn’t. And sometimes it’s simply because better things are ahead and that next step leads us closer or deeper into His Divine Will and the destiny He’s called us to.

The whole crashed agency thing is, in a roundabout way, what moved me to Los Angeles – had not “the crash” occurred, I would not have had my feet re-positioned across the country. God used that short but action packed and foundational crashed agency to bring several key people into my life who would 100 percent be part of my future. Around this time I re-consecrated myself to Our Lady (a 33 day time of prayer which concludes with an Act of Consecration to Mary). Why would anyone do such a thing? Why wouldn’t you is the question. Getting under the mission of Christ is to get under everything he held dear including choosing to make his entrance on earth as the Son of God through Mary of Nazareth. If she’s good enough for Him, she’s more than good enough for me. I can entrust everything I am to her and know that she will lead me to Her Son and His plan for my life, to know Him, love Him and serve Him. He passed through Mary, so in a similar manner, by this consecration I would let my life pass through her Immaculate Heart.

Enter Mary’s Touch. Mary’s Touch is an award-winning thirty-minute Catholic radio program dedicated to the Blessed Mother broadcast weekly on stations around the U.S. and around the world. I never imagined when I met and represented Cheri Lomonte, founder and show host that I would someday be asked to carry the torch and take the helm upon her retirement. Never, ever did I see this coming – not in a million years…. So thank God for the crashed agency because it was a divine set up to meet some of my future collaborators including Cheri. Cheri founded the Frontline Faith Project, a national apostolate to serve men and women in the military, which formed as a result of Mary’s Touch, and I directed the PR for this incredible apostolate to bring faith to our military serving on the frontlines on bases and in war zones.

When we crash, we sometimes want to curse, you know? “Blast that. How could that happen? I can’t believe I left this for that,” and so on. But God in His infinite wisdom is moving our feet under a path set only for us, and each twist and curvy, sometimes seemingly dangerous, turn, leads us to that destiny. The world will never understand this frenetic messy dynamic, but will always wonder who your “agent” is when the scattered pieces all start to fall in place.

So when I was asked to consider taking over as show host for this radio program that reaches thousands around the globe, at first I was not sure how it would fit in with my Hollywood day job that turns into a 24/7 around-the-clock job. I would have to travel from LA to Austin every few weeks and be present in a new territory for this evangelization.

God’s will is sort of a no brainer: It’s the start of a Marian Year dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima’s 100th anniversary of her apparitions (look that word up) in Fatima, Portugal, a rather significant time in the Church. You can read more about Fatima here. I remember a time in my youth and young adulthood when I began to explore and learn about these apparitions (and others) that are approved by the Church. My family had a tremendous devotion to the Miraculous Medal and we had numerous Marian Shrines including one dedicated to Fatima near our home in the suburbs of Boston. I don’t remember any religious education teacher telling me about Mary in a deep way, but we did have a family devotion to Mary and her presence in the northeast is really quite unparalleled. If there were trials and hardships, we would pray a Hail Mary together. When my sister and I witnessed our beloved neighbor drop dead next door, my sister led us in praying the Hail Mary. This was an impressionable moment. Later, my family, best friend and I were part of a weekly Marian cenacle where we met in a family home in Malden, MA each Sunday to pray all decades of the Rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet ending in consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This shaped my 20-something years and was a firm foundation for a lifetime of Marian devotion.

Today, I still plant myself at the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, also known as Mission Church in Roxbury pretty much every time I land in and depart from Boston. I think I left my entire heart there and a few outstanding intentions. I sometimes wonder, had I missed out on this truth of our faith, where exactly would I be? I can’t imagine my life without Mary’s guidance and Divine Motherhood in every area of my life. I guess it’s with that urgency for today’s culture that I feel it an imperative to advance the teaching and practice of Marian devotion for a new generation and so I responded with my little “yes” to host Mary’s Touch.

This past week we pre-taped our farewell show with beautiful Cheri Lomonte and her co-host Fr. Jim Evans. Cheri built an incredible legacy of storytelling about Mary, the Mother of God, and the ways and places Our Lady has left her touch on humanity through the ages. We also began our new shows featuring some of the great Marian apostles of our day who are working to make God’s love present in today’s world.

I’m truly overwhelmed by God’s love and grace and how He uses brokenness to lead us to new places of assignment for His glory. My prayer is that I will honor Cheri’s legacy and decade-long labor of love to honor Mary with the same reverence and purity of heart as we begin this new decade of programming.

If you experience a crash like I did, know that the crash is not the final say in your life. Know that Romans 8:28 is operative and that ALL things, not some things, work together for good for those called according to His purpose. Even if you feel like you are going through a crucible, you will be led to places you cannot imagine to do things you may feel unworthy of and even unsure of once you get there. A few years ago if anyone ever told me I would be moving entirely across the country to work in Hollywood and host a national radio show called Mary’s Touch, I may have laughed. I’m learning now that God wants us to laugh the entire way of our life’s journey. Laugh in trial. Laugh in the waiting. Laugh in the pruning. Laugh at the impossible. Laugh at the opposition. Laugh because He has it all under control and all is well in the Holy Spirit. He is the beginning and the end. And He’s yours and mine. Be joyful even in adversity as your joy and trust in His plan will accelerate its arrival.

When you entrust your life to Mary, she will truly touch you in ways you never thought possible and leave an indelible mark on your life.

Please pray for me as I embark on this new evangelization and please visit www.marystouch.org for more information about how to tune in!

Praying for you+



Why I don’t hang out



It’s happened to you. A creep or a stud has asked you, “Do you wanna hang out?” and as much as your Friday night has a vacancy sign hanging all over it, you know that you know that you know that the blurred lines of a hang out just aren’t for you. Ain’t nobody got time for that, Hangman.

It’s become so frustrating I actually wanted to quip back to some of these hang-er outers, “Hang out and DO what?” I feel for the guys in today’s society who have lost their ability to risk it with the masculine art of approach and chivalry that seem to be from a bygone era. Yes, the Cinderella lives in every woman: we love our doors held open for us, surprise flower bouquets, and most of all, we love a well-planned date. I know you princes are out there. This may very well be as much for you as all my Cinderella sisters out there.

I grew up listening to my dad talk about his courtship with my mother from the first blind date meeting to the second date and the rapid succession of dates to follow, all thoughtfully planned, meals and elegant date-spots remembered, conversations shared, pivotal moments of knowing, recounting the carefully plotted outfits selected to impress, hilarious flubs while trying to woo, the involvement of family quietly cheering from the sidelines, the thoughtful and beautiful expressions of love and romance, the danger and toil as the love of two souls began to merge into one and a lifetime of marital dating and romancing to follow.

Sorry if I just can’t hang out.

I can’t quite pinpoint the exact time and space that the hang out (and hook up) culture emerged bringing courtship and plain old dating to near extinction. Hanging out seems noncommittal and an easy way out if you suddenly change your mind, don’t click but don’t want to be humbled in saying so, or just want to keep things strung along for a back up plan. These hangers want to hang out with you, check you out, give you the once over, have their friends vet you, litmus test you in a riskless format and never suffer the vulnerability of an authentic chase. It’s like a dang-out. Date that’s a hang-out, but no one knows “is this really a date? Does he like me? Did he just ask me out?” I’m confused. We are all confused.

My sweet sisters, if any guy is asking you to hang, I dare say hang on and wait for the authentic pursuit of your time and your heart from an intentional man with a plan. Don’t waste your precious time conforming to the cultural confusion because by enabling it you feed the beast of the serial hangers who want to get away with dating murder!

Here are my top encouragements to protect your heart and time as you wait for the worthy one to pursue you:

1. Stay strong! Don’t be seduced by a man’s desire to hang out – the intentions are either not pure or he’s not risking it – you were made for more! Wait for it sweet one.
2. You’re worth it! Sister, know your worth…Even if it seems like an impossible feat to be pursued by a loving intentional man in today’s culture, know that you are worthy of that pursuit and by staying firm in your conviction, you will attract the man worthy of your heart.
3. Be approachable. Let your light and fun factor shine, because joy and happiness begets the same. As you live a life second to none, you will attract those who want to be in your life and will not be afraid to let you know it, plan for it and pursue you.
4. Have FUN while waiting and develop a strong posse of bold, loving, sisters who will uplift and encourage you never to cave, but to live your best life now as you prepare to be the woman you are called to be now as you ready to merge lives with God’s best.
5. Define your time! Know what a hang out is… it’s for friends, family and Google, but not for the one who is pursuing you!

Gals, the guy who risks it is out there and not far off, especially when you step out of the dreadful rhythm-less groove of hanging. He’s thinking of you, planning his approach and the way to your heart right now. Don’t be hanging when he comes for you.

I’m in your corner sweet ones! Hang tough+

Praying for you!


Prayer Fight




This spring brought the culmination of a year’s worth of work opening a new film and the excitement, exhaustion and all that goes with a movie campaign’s gargantuan team effort. All the toil, never ending days of work and travel encircled my whole being this past weekend upon opening weekend. And then the crash. . . body burn out, adrenaline rush to a screeching halt and not knowing if you should head first to the bed, the refrigerator or the gym became almost like a major life decision resulting in ignoring them all. So when my sister friend spontaneously called me and said “we need to get out of here and go somewhere holy to pray,” at first I was like YES and then all the excuses morphed like it would be better to have an entire day of sleep and a day of maid service, aka my own Cinderella style spin around my cottage that currently looked like it had been ransacked.

Yet amid fatigue, a mini pilgrimage up the 101 to the Old Santa Barbara Mission was exactly how God wanted me to press in and get my mojo back. Because this is the lesson of life. This is the lesson of the spiritual realm. A week prior, another friend and I were pleading God for a miracle for an unborn baby expected to die upon birth unless God intervened. We were appealing to Fulton Sheen, our hero who is rife for another miracle right about now, and why not for this mama and baby? I had an exchange with a nun in the Midwest with about this urgent prayer need who concluded our conversation with, “Alexis, thanks for your prayer fight.” PRAYER FIGHT. Exactly. Her words really moved my heart.

We need to fight. You see the enemy wants us tired. The enemy wants us discouraged. The enemy wants to use the negative reports and the natural to depress the spiritual within us and convince us that what God has promised or that thing we are praying for isn’t possible and maybe even ludicrous or even to make us think He’s not with us. It’s at this very time of fatigue, questioning and at the final push, we need to FIGHT.

God recently gave me the word “at hand” about some of the prayers I’m praying and really that to me means – NOW – at the door – not tomorrow, next month or next year, but IMMINENT – this instant, any minute. In the natural realm, nothing is really feeling “at hand” and such is my quick-witted personality to quip back to our Lord about his snail’s pace, “Are you coming again before this goes down?” God also showed me that it’s better to wait for His Will than to, as Frank Sinatra sang, do it my way. He’s doing things behind the scenes that we can’t necessarily see. As a Broadway show opens, there are a lot of things that happen that the audience cannot see such as the writing of the script, the casting, the rehearsals, set design and costuming. All that has to happen before the curtain goes up. Everything has to be prepared, perfected and in order otherwise the show bombs.

I was able to enter into my “prayer fight” on the first Sunday of Lent and just sit before His throne and remind God that I’m still in it. Our Sunday escape landed us at the Old Santa Barbara Mission. Weak, tired, but in it, I stayed there in the silence of a couple of hours to show Him that He’s forever the first portion, that I’m reminding him by sitting before Him of His promise to me, that as I sit, He can fill me and ready me, costume me, put me center stage and put the new song and script on my heart. There was an extra shot of grace because at the Old Mission of Santa Barbara, faith built this spiritual haven – the saints trod there. Grace was flowing. The presence of God and the mystical body of Christ – profound – a manifest feeling of a convergence of collaborative grace. As I looked at St. Clare and St. Francis, God reminded me that when they joined together in prayer, Holy Spirit FIRE! I also like that Saint Barbara is a patron of fireworks because, come on, Lord, through the intercession of St. Barbara, light some pyrotechnics under some of these long awaited promises. Are you feeling me?

The evening culminated with Mass at a nearby parish, where as visitors from LA, we were zealously greeted by the leadership with special devotional books to St. Raphael. On the one hand I just wanted to sink into the anonymity of prayer in a town with no added pressures or pressing in from humanity, yet at the same time I felt like a little schoolgirl getting singled out and receiving a gift at church. After Mass I wanted to retreat more into the word and devotion blossoming from this day and not just toss the gift in the abyss of my giant purse to be lost into time and girlie space. When I opened it and refreshed my memory with the awesomeness of Saint Raphael and the miracles recounted in the Book of Tobit, it’s scripture that we know and have read again and again, but pushing into the prayer fight and little pilgrimage up the 101, God confirmed what He’s doing with these words from St. Raphael:

“Joy be to thee always…Be of good courage, thy cure from God is at hand.”

– St. Raphael (Tobias 9:10-11)


I could have stayed home to do laundry, that Cinderella spin around a dusty cottage, hit the movies, my dance class, tune out, zone out, get my nails done, whatever. But sometimes we have to get up, move, and go somewhere else to see and hear what God is doing for us behind the scenes. Don’t give up because your miracle, too, is at hand.

Fight on my sweet friends.

Praying for you+



Give Up and Let Him Love You



That it’s suddenly Lent this week is almost as shocking to me as my recent move to California that sometimes causes me to wake up and do a double take of my west coast surroundings wondering, “How did I actually get here?” Time is fleeting and we are again automatically plunged into the wilderness of wildernesses that is Lent in t-minus two days.

While some are frantically trying to figure out what to give up, plotting a Fat Tuesday binge-fest or calculating how they will squeeze Ashes into their weekday routine, some have no clue that we are approaching the holiest season of the Christian calendar year. Lent won’t lead newscasts or be an A1 headline in the morning paper, so unless you are following the silly #AshTag feed on social media, how could anyone on the outskirts have any idea Lent is an invitation coming for them? In case you tripped on this blog, here’s my invite to you.

Even within the Church Lent can become somewhat trivialized with self-denial competitions on who tops whose promise to give up coffee, chocolate, social media, dating and a sharing of a barrage of meatless Friday meals that seem to pit neighbor against neighbor in a competition of M&M sacrificing Lenten perfection and dolled up practices in the season of radical transforming grace. Don’t fall victim to that.

Ash Wednesday (this coming Wednesday) marks the beginning of Lent leading to Easter and, though not a Holy Day of Obligation, thousands will begin their Lenten journey receiving Ashes as sign of penance and mortality before God and the world. This is a day of fasting and penance and self-reflection recognizing our littleness before the God who created us and the greatness a self-giving God who sent His only Son to die for us on a Cross setting us free from sin and slavery and into fellowship with Him forever.

The pillars of Lent include a disposition toward prayer, fasting and almsgiving. All of these are part of our 365 Christian walk, but become intensified during the liturgical season of Lent with a specific call to eradicate sin, commit to a renewed intentionality to walk with Jesus daily – not just a whimsy, compartmentalized Sunday expression of faith. We strive to get to a higher spiritual level than the last Lent. The radical force of Love that is found in Lent is calling us to a radical return – turning back – toward our Divine Lover, the healer of our souls.

Lent could actually seem like “inside ball” exclusively for the pious on the perpetual journey with Christ, but I pray that anyone who has been away from God and His Church for whatever reason – anyone who may have stumbled here, will know that Lent is for us all.

You may have slip-slided away after skipping Mass a few times and it became a habit or maybe you deliberately left because you don’t believe in “those rules” and yet you are still unhappy and aren’t sure why. Maybe you were hurt by someone in the Church or by a family member who may have been poor ambassador of the faith or rejected you and you said, “Bag THAT.” (or something stronger). You feel abandoned by God, and you want to abandon Him right back. Your spouse doesn’t believe, so it’s hard for you to keep your commitment and you don’t want the fight. You get nothing out of it and feel nothing, so you drifted away. Maybe you are afraid to come back because it might change your life or you are afraid of what people will think, you don’t know anyone else in the mix. You stopped coming because you are afraid He will ask too much of you. You have the weight of sin and you feel unworthy to receive this Love and think God could never forgive you. Or you feel called back, but just don’t know how to come back.

Lent is your calling card, your VIP invitation back to the Arms of Love. Lent is a fresh start. Lent is the water that washes away your past. Lent is the silence where you will hear Him. Lent is where you can lay your pain, your hurt, and your losses down. Lent is your point of re-entry to the Sacramental Life of the Church – the power source for your immortal soul. Lent is, the body of Christ, cheering you on and rejoicing when you return. Lent is forty days to reacquaint yourself with the Divine Lover of your soul. Lent is miraculous. Lent is beautiful. Lent is joyful. Lent is you, gold, going the fire to a new you at Easter. Lent is a new beginning. Lent is a free gift of grace. Lent wants you to let Love in. Lent is waiting for you.

“As Lent is the time for greater love, listen to Jesus’ thirst…’Repent and believe’ Jesus tells us. What are we to repent? Our indifference, our hardness of heart. What are we to believe? Jesus thirsts even now, in your heart and in the poor — He knows your weakness. He wants only your love, wants only the chance to love you.”

Saint Teresa of Calcutta said, “As Lent is the time for greater love, listen to Jesus’ thirst…’Repent and believe’ Jesus tells us. What are we to repent? Our indifference, our hardness of heart. What are we to believe? Jesus thirsts even now, in your heart and in the poor — He knows your weakness. He wants only your love, wants only the chance to love you.” And Pope Benedict XVI said, “Lent stimulates us to let the Word of God penetrate our life and in this way to know the fundamental truth: who we are, where we come from, where we must go, what path we must take in life…”

This Ash Wednesday, give up, give in and come as you are and make an exchange. He is waiting with His arms wide open to dispense Grace unimaginable if you would meet Him in the Sacraments of Confession, and the Eucharist. Step into Love. Step into Lent.  This Lent let Love in. As you let Love in, you will have a freedom you’ve never known, freedom to live your destiny powered by Him and with a mission.

Praying for you+