Falling into it



What I love about New England is the four seasons that constantly remind of change as we advance through life. I was home in Boston for two brief long weekends in the best of fall, my absolute favorite time of year. I get almost euphoric from the end of August into September in Massachusetts. Being so far away on the west coast, it was a surprise gift to be home twice during this fave season. The imprint of this trip showed me a little something about how God works.

The change in the air, the apples that are ripe and ready to be picked, the colors of the pumpkins in fields and the glory of summer transformed into a new heightened beauty and a feeling of abundance are all breathtaking. The visible sign of that which has been planted is now yielding good hearty fruit. Summer is so utterly spectacular and then you sometimes forget that there will be fall which is like a crowning glory, sneak attack for the senses that brings maturity to the whimsical days of June, July and August. The sun has a new glow, the moon hangs a little lower and the air that much more crisp.

We go through seasons in our lives where we may not see a lot happening. Like the dog days of summer. We are living, waiting,  praying through to get to the next level into His will and sometimes the wait is long, arid, and then, like summer transforming to autumn, you just fall into it. God starts handing out blessings in abundance and the overflow of grace produces gift after gift after gift and your eyes are opened to a burst of newness forgetting the wait that stretched every sensibility.

I’ve been off the grid of this little blog since August because God’s blessings have kept me so busy that suddenly I turned around and it’s October. I’ve been praying for a mighty overflow in many areas of my life and God is answering all these prayers one by one in manifold ways. The frenetic pace of 15 planes and 8 cities in a few months in non-stop motion has not provided a lot of time to process what God is doing in my life, but as I take this time to really reflect, I feel called to share with those of you who are waiting for breakthrough, answered prayer and for God’s blessing to reach your barn. Believe that what He has for you will come. Waiting doesn’t last forever. It’s a season.

You shall multiply the nation, You shall increase their gladness; they will be glad in Your presence as with the gladness of harvest, As men rejoice when they divide the spoilIsaiah 9:3

What are you waiting for the Lord to do for you? Heal your broken heart? Move you out of that unfulfilling job? Bless your finances and untie the knot of debt? Bring you that God sent spouse? Heal you of disease? Bring forgiveness in a fractured relationship? He wants to fulfill the longing of your heart. Like the land where the fruit manifests, the land of your heart needs to be tilled, watered and made ready for what He is going to do.

It’s how we wait that determines the harvest we will yield. All that has been “planted” will produce a harvest. Plant in prayer. Plant in sacrifice. Plant in patience. Plant in belief in God’s ability to act for you. Plant in love even when enemies surround you. Plant in a witness that walks by faith not by sight. Plant in forgiveness to set yourself free for all the blessings He has for you. Plant in devotion in order to be empowered by God. Plant in silence in order to hear God. Plant in trust in order that God move for you. This type of planting will reap a bounty in your spiritual life and your corporal life and move you into the territory that God has squarely planned for you to fulfill your destiny.

Whatever you are going through, whatever you seek from above, do not give up but plant until the harvest bursts forth in overflow, brilliant color and all His glory.

Praying for you+


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