Holy, Handsome Masculinity




Raise your hand if you find it really attractive when you meet a real man. I can see all your hands raised from where I sit.

And God so loved Hollywood that he sent (go with me here) His beloved Canadian son to LA LA Land to help guys man up in today’s confused cultural swirl. True story! I recently had the opportunity for a very lively and insightful conversation on Mary’s Touch Radio with “real man” Mark Matthews, founder of Bibles & Brew ministry. A great show for Mary’s Touch because after all, Our Lady had THE guy of guys assigned to her, leading her, agreeing with her, co-parenting the Son of the Living God. Mark shares his life of faith, journey from the Canadian prairies to the City of Stars, and the ways he’s actively leading men to live authentic masculinity in today’s world.

Sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on it, but there is an essence of a particular type of man when he lives out his God-given masculinity that makes you feel safe, protected, respected and regarded as gift and pursued in the way Christ pursues His Church. And it’s attractive, inspiring and a witness. And this has less to do with the exterior, but everything to do with the interior. And likewise, when men see an authentically feminine woman, it’s rare and attractive, yes?

On the show, Mark unpacks the Catholic viewpoint that men and women are created differently (on purpose!) smashing the world’s false human construct that says’ “we should do everything we can to tear down the differences between men and women.”

Some men struggle in today’s world because they didn’t have adequate fathering or mentoring from a man with a strong virtuous interior. There is also a cultural shift that has left some men emasculated in their homes, on the job and there is sin life that strips men of their true identity. Whatever the case, there are good holy men out there who are helping raise up a culture of true men to reclaim manhood under the Fatherhood of God.

So what makes a true man? Here are some of the attributes of masculinity:

  • INCARNATION: A true man will make things happen in this world
  • PROTECTOR: A true man is someone who protects those who cannot protect themselves
  • MENTOR: A true man will humbly teach and guide
  • CONFIDENCE: A true man sees something that needs doing and finds a way to meet that particular need as God’s co-creator in the world
  • LOVER: A true man is lover and is called to own his sexuality and use it for good; when a man is in full possession of his sexuality it becomes a gift

Please listen to our show HERE for the expanded details on the above…(and major points if you can identify the 80’s movie reference in the show!)

Mark hosts Bibles and Brew twice a month in Hollywood and he can help you establish a similar men’s fellowship group in your area. (Because a real man would just do it!) Visit BiblesAndBrew.com to connect.

What do you think? What makes a real man? What make a real woman? How do men and women compliment each other by living their true identity?

It takes heroic virtue to embrace the gifts God has bestowed. It takes heroic virtue to activate those gifts and bless the world with them. No matter how young or how old you are, it’s not too early or too late for you to become the man that God is calling you to be.

Guys, you are loved – our dads, granddads, husbands, future husbands, brothers, nephews, grandsons, cousins and friends. We need your masculinity and strength now more than ever. It’s attractive, holy and supernatural!

Praying for you+