Harvesting Surprise

14712470_10155303455327678_6470601657494117813_o…..A SQUASH GROWS IN BURBANK

See what I did there? I was out on my quaint back patio grilling and was shocked to find two ripe butternut squash drooping from the runaway vines in my flower garden today. It wasn’t a TOTAL shock because a few months ago my house sister (we hate the terms “land lady” and “land lord” around here) and I spotted this unique vine-ish giant leaf thing taking over the flowerbed behind my cottage. Hello Little Shop of Horrors!

I’ve been so busy going from one film to the next, flying in and out of town that I haven’t had a ton of time chilling so today when I was working and cooking outside SURPRISE…..SQUASH. And one baby cantaloupe – super weird and I have absolutely no scientific explanation for how either of these fruits arrived especially when we didn’t plant them.

I didn’t plant the flowerbed either. I’m too busy for flowers that I could possibly kill. (True story). But this was a gift too. I was praying to really know if I should stay in Burbank. Should I get another apartment? Should I stay in California? Should I ever get my furniture out of storage in Boston or should I light it on fire? Where am I going and why am I here sort of prayers in dramatic fashion. Dear God, It’s me Alexis.

Sometimes God speaks in the most natural ways. After an intense period of fasting and prayer I bounced out of the cottage on a Saturday morning on the way to the gym to find a commotion of planting, watering and irrigation taking place in my yard – tons of flowers and plants in the beds behind and on the side which felt like a huge gift and the frosting on the top of the cake in this gem of an HGTV cottage existence. Then the gardener in broken English looked at me and sweetly said with a coy smile, “So you think you will stay here a little while longer, yes?” Well pick me up off the floor. (Could this be a movie?)

So with the same theme in which I started this baby blog, I want to elaborate again on the concept of “surprise.” The flowerbeds were a mini surprise, a signal grace, as unruly as they are right now. When the veggies appeared, it was like our good God is having fun with me. He always adds and never subtracts and wants to give good gifts (and way better than flowers and fruit)! That vine was growing amid the flowers and I gave up on it because I didn’t SEE anything happening.

“Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls: Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.” Habakkuk 3: 17-18

I went about my busy life and suddenly the hefty squash appeared. I think life is like that. Live your life. Pray. Watch. Serve. Be Joyful. Don’t focus on what ISN’T happening because God IS working and growing things behind the scenes. Then in due time, the manifestation comes.

My prayer partner and I have been speaking “harvest” over our intentions so the squash becomes a sign that truly He will bring to pass the long awaited promises. Be assured that if God has promises over your life, they are coming in due season and maybe not in the way you would expect. He has more, He has the greater. Better than our imagination or expectation.

May you experience HIS abundance and may you reap the harvest in every area of your life.

Praying for you+



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