Putting a little wicked awesome in LA


What a difference a year makes. I suddenly turned around and BOOM it’s time to celebrate one year down in LA LA land. If anyone ever told me that some day I would be a California girl, I would laugh. Out loud. My first experience of California was at sixteen and this teen age dream fell IN LOVE with the west coast, so much so that I begged for permission to go to UCLA. Fat chance as I rank “baby” in sibling order and with parents who wanted to keep me close after sending the oldest to Hoosier territory – a dream way down inside was tamed for my entire young adult life while I began and rooted my TV career in Boston. My wanderlust moved me state to state for similar media and PR work from New York to Palm Beach and Atlanta, with Boston as the launch and landing pad in between “assignments.” So last year when a few twists and turns produced a sudden opportunity to work in Los Angeles, I was not only shocked by this call to go west, but felt really daring, that kind of daring that feels very do or die.

I’m grateful that God planted within me this spontaneous zeal that has helped me to be unabashed in my response to the grace of apostolic movement. Sometimes it seems and feels reckless, but overall it is freeing to be able to just move with him. LA is one of those movements of speed and suddenness.

As I look back on this year of grace that led me to Los Angeles – the Year of Mercy almost entirely lived out here in Cali, with a plethora of work trips packed in between – I feel as though this year for me is not just about discovery of the beautiful mountain clad and ocean lined landscape,  but discovery that his mercy is about being reconciled in our sin, leading the dying and unconverted to his mercy and forgiveness, serving those in need, and in a very LARGE way it is about living our life fully in and under His mercy and fully in his Divine Will which means abundance – as high as the mountains and deep as the ocean. John 10:10 says that God came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. As a pilgrim to World Youth Day way back in my teen years (Denver 1993), this scripture from the Gospel of John was branded for our pilgrimage group. It’s stuck with me my entire life and been a ribbon running through the journey.

As we mature on our journey with Him and let our feet become unstuck, He takes us to new territories of mercy… to places where we will actively seek holiness and be dispensers of His grace leading others to holiness. This is active faith not passive faith. Another attribute of Mercy. God’s Mercy flowed from His side like a torrent to touch each place of our lives and the whole world, bringing renewal to the dead places.

I see mercy as abundance and California has become God’s mercy to me. A renewal of dreams, desires, plans that God has had for me from the moment my eyes locked with this coast. Like the pioneers of old who came to a new land to discover, work and become, this year for me has transformed my way of life in big and small ways and I know that this year is just the beginning in a foundational, transitional way toward permanence. Expectant? Yes. Jer 29:11.

There are a few short weeks left in this Year of Mercy and as I celebrate one year as an “Angeleno,”  I have full expectation that God will complete all that He started when He had this shift in mind and continue to give good gifts. I’m so grateful for the beautiful people He’s positioned (and re-positioned) in my life – soul sister friendships and amazingly faithful prayer warriors. I’m grateful for this year with Him – a year to renew, prepare, and transform for the next season. Thank you Jesus for all you have done and all you will do … more, Lord!

What about you? Where and how are you living out your territory of mercy?

Let’s trust in His Mercy always+

Praying for you+

Lexi XO


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4 thoughts on “Putting a little wicked awesome in LA

  1. Magnificent!!!
    I always love it when you get to let loose and write your soul. So used to your only releasing professional writing.
    This takes your cool snippets of fab fb blurbs and really cranks the volume!
    Is “LexiCal” supposed to be a cool twist on “Lexicon,” or did I just figure this out?
    One of my favs: ” As we mature on our journey with Him and let our feet become unstuck, He takes us to new territories of mercy… to places where we will actively seek holiness and be dispensers of His grace leading others to holiness.”
    Can we post & promote, or is it invite only?


    1. Awwww thanks sister! A little play on words.. Ppl are calling me LexiCali out here so I’m going with it! Just sharing some hope for the journey.. Of course please share and promote. Now the best is on for blog post #2!


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