I’m going back. God is taking me to a place and to the pivotal moment that changed my life forever. The moment when He wanted to teach me intimately about His Mercy and about trust on a very deep level. That Mercy is not just for me to receive pardon for my sins, but once washed in His mercy and grace, to be a dispenser of His Divine Mercy.

You know that old saying. It’s better to give than to receive. In the case of Mercy, we have to receive from the fountain of Mercy to let that water of grace burst forth from us.

So I’ll share my story publicly on October 5th – feast day of Saint Faustina, instrument and Polish saint of Mercy. If you are in the greater Boston and New England area, I invite you to take a day for yourself to immerse yourself in the Mercy that He specifically has for you. I was schooled in this missionary act of Mercy five years ago, just before a colossal turning point in my life that would catapult me to Los Angeles.

But first an assignment of Love.

You’ve confessed that thing, but have you received the liberating fire of His Mercy?

You believe in His Mercy, but are you keeping it bottled up for yourself, keeping your mouth shut when there is someone in your immediate circle who needs to know the hidden things about God’s personal Mercy?

You have a child or family member that you have been pleading for before God, but you are not seeing anything happen. Will you Trust in His perfect timing?

The thing with Divine Mercy is, He wants to enflame us to such a degree that the fire of Love and Mercy that He places in us and through us will catch fire for the whole world. Because he leaves the 99 for the 1. He is nailed to the Cross in a total act of self offering for all of humanity and then asks us to imitate that love.

When I was in high school my teen BFF Katy taught me the Divine Mercy chaplet one night while parked in her car. We didn’t want to let our visit go, and lingered as usual to talk and talk about our dreams for our life – career – she an aspiring lawyer and me a news gal. We talked about boys and crushes and the long awaited prayers of our hearts. I never heard of the Divine Mercy chaplet and devotoin until Kate slipped it in the conversation in between something about law school and our assessment of cute boys.

I became completely wrapped up in this devotion – a modern devotion in the Church with deep roots in Massachusetts and in Polish circles. Given my Polish background on my dad’s side, I was deeply moved to pray the chaplet and later in my TV days, I was part of a family Rosary and Divine Mercy Sunday night cenacle of prayer with Kate and some of the most amazing families I’ve ever known in Boston.

The roots went down deep. But it wouldn’t be until later that God would really challenge me in acts of Mercy. Big acts. Hard acts. Acts that stretched my ability to let my will and dreams die to be His hands and feet to seek and save the lost. ┬áThe Divine Mercy devotion is so amazing, but we can’t let it make us greedy for graces without being ready to share them.

What if your very own reputation would be at stake for the sake of His Mercy for someone else? What if your life was interrupted so much so that you had an assignment for the sake of Mercy? What if you couldn’t see the outcome but you were surrounded by pillars of faith who could see for you and instructed you to claim territory for Him? What if the bondage that was so immense, global and impacting families the world over needed to be cut by the Sword of God’s spirit because of Mercy Himself?

The world is hungry, starving for truth, love and mercy. Sin creates appetites and hunger that can not be satisfied. In these days where pornography, pervasive sexuality, abortion on demand, gender neutralizing of babies and children, and so many perverse and broken things that we see in the culture today, God is pouring out His mercy like never before.

Hopefully that’s enough of a tease to get you to come and hear for yourself. God wants to do great things with you and for you because of His Mercy.

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Praying for you+