What Are You Waiting For?



Time is whipping and the calendar is full of movement on the movie campaigns, PR plans and my own book tour. So with that, I’m not really sure where this blog is going today and I am not sure this is my normal font, but I feel like I’m supposed to connect to let you know I’m alive, well and that I am thinking about you! So whatever you need to hear, may you hear it and whatever you need from Jesus, may you receive it this very day. 

Summer is flying by and it’s hot in LA and everywhere else I’ve been traveling! Outside of work and the normal apostolic (frenetic) movements, I’ve been staying in a prayer cave as I “birth” the next wave of things to come in my life – the things that God has promised He will do. The season of preparation is very important. You can’t just have _____ and not prepare.

Whatever it is you seek, I pray you are not just striving for that thing, but preparing for that thing. There is a level of disposition God wants us to have toward these big results we seek and sometimes he tests us to see how serious we are in our desire. I feel sometimes God wants to prove my love for him as a testimony to the world, the haters and those who doubt in God’s ability to move for His own. When it seems like nothing is happening will we fight for our blessing? When it seems like a perpetual wilderness, do we put on joy? When Heaven seems deaf, do we war in prayer? When no one else around us believes with us, can we withstand and press on knowing He will come through in exactly the way HE declared?  I say YES to all of the above.

The dry periods and waiting periods are not to break us but to strengthen us from within and to give us a disposition of spiritual maturity and readiness for that gift. I fully believe God also uses the drama of this kind of testy waiting to produce monumental testimony to the world. I mean what drama of a story could exist without some extraordinary companion tension? The “story” would be dull as hell. It’s like every good movie plot and Jesus is the master screenwriter. 

God was very serious with me when He spoke into my heart about preparation. You learn more about my story here: A Prayer in a Crypt that Led Straight to LA  and here Sheen’s Wisdom Compiled in New Book

Most of you who follow this blog know that I recently released a new book from Pauline Media’s brand new Ex Libris series. It’s called FULTON J. SHEEN – I hyperlinked it so you can snag your own personal copy for you and maybe one for a friend who needs a spiritual boost. This is a compilation on the spirituality of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, the Emmy Award Winning saint-to-be and one of the greatest influences on the American Church to date. It’s been a deep privilege and honor to advance his spirituality to so many for such a time as this. Our world needs Sheen’s presentation of the Gospel like no other time in history. I’m grateful to my colleagues in the media who have graciously invited me to share my story and the details about this new work with the world. I’m grateful too to the “Media Nuns” for publishing this work and inviting me into this project. They are a spiritual force of love in my life and have really blessed me in many ways in this season of grace.

Even greater than the media coverage of this little spiritual bullet, is the impetus to bring the book and Sheen’s powerful teaching on the road for retreats and events.  I’m excited to be joining so many wonderful communities of faith upcoming with my personal testimony and for talks and retreats IN THE SCHOOL OF FULTON J. SHEEN.  This is where the Holy Spirit is really at work for renewal. I’ll be in Oakland, CA;  Taylors, South Carolina; Palm Beach, Florida; Austin, Texas; and New York City to name a few spots and I’m seeing the miraculous happen for people as they come into friendship with this power house intercessor.  If you are interested in bringing a retreat like this based on the book to your diocese or parish, feel free to send me a direct message on the blog. 

You have stubborn and impossible intentions? Go to Sheen. You want a husband or a wife? Go to Sheen. You have a persistent sin you struggle with? Go to Sheen. You have brokenness in your family life? Go to Sheen. You are facing a crisis in your priesthood? Go to Sheen. You are physically sick and have been delivered a negative report? Go to Sheen. You have provision that you need, be it financial or real estate? Go to Sheen. You feel unworthy of the vocational call the Lord is leading you toward? Go to Sheen. You have a dream in your heart and no human way to bring it about? Go to Sheen. You are in bondage? Go to Sheen. You are having a crisis of faith? Go to Sheen. You work for the Church and suffer with all that’s breaking in the news and want to run? Go to Sheen. You are waiting for what seems like a season where Jesus might come again before you see you results? Go to Sheen.

I’m seeing broken people come into a deeper understanding of God’s love and pursuit for them. I’m seeing those who have rejected the sacraments return to Confession and the Sacramental life of the Church. I’m seeing the faithful have a new zeal and renewed devotion. I’m seeing chains of sin break off of people. I’m seeing priests and religious transform. I’m seeing fractured relationships be repaired. I’m seeing the far off come ever closer. I’m seeing people I love be totally set free. 

It was ten years ago that I prayed inside the crypt where Bishop Sheen is buried at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and God manifested for me in a very profound way. This was a stand out moment in my life that I will never forget, nor does God want me to. 

During that time I was working in diocesan communications and Sheen was helping me navigate through the challenging scandals in the Church. I know many are greatly troubled by what they see and hear. I learned to keep my eyes on the prize, Jesus and to look to Sheen to help me in my own walk. That he did. He also interceded in a powerful way for the renewal of  a local diocese and the Church I loved. We need Sheen now! Here’s a recent broadcast where I expound on some of these details in depth (brace yourself, it’s two hours so maybe if you are on a train, plane or have a free night) Listen here

I made a promise when I prayed in the crypt ten years ago that if Sheen helped me with my five impossible intentions (3 things for other people and 2 intentions of my own) that I would promote him.  Immediately, Sheen went to work for me and he put me to work. Of those intentions, three were answered right away. Like, not to be all Valley Girl speak in my delivery –  but like, RAPID fire. As this book was released to the world, the fourth intention came like a thief in the night. Now I wait for the final intention. It’s one for me. Best for last. Showman that Sheen is, he works it to be the most dramatic, exciting outcome for the glory of God. (*note: there is no testimony without a test). 

There have been layers of grace and growth in my devotion to Fulton Sheen and the application of his teaching. Just when you think you have “graduated” there is a whole new higher level of blessing and for me this book project was like a huge spiritual PhD that I didn’t even know I needed. Sheen has taken me by the hand and through his little “school” and washed me, my thinking, my memories, my daily devotions and truly increased my receptivity to Love. This is so necessary for me at this stage of my life and to know in new ways the power of God for all that’s about to unfold. 

I’m believing for you for what you seek from the Lord this day. Know that he’s working it out for you behind the scenes and if you need a friend in heaven to advocate for you before the throne of God, invite Bishop Sheen to join your prayer and you will be amazed and speechless at how things come together in the impossible areas of need that you have for your life, your dreams, desires and long-awaited unanswered petitions. God gives us holy helpers to make our way straight and to immerse us in His Divine Will. He gives us heavenly reinforcements to strengthen our Cross bearing as we wait on God to build and orchestrate things in the Divine. This is where we find deep abiding joy. If you want this, go to Sheen who will help you understand Jesus better. 

In the words of the great Fulton J. Sheen, “Divine love when it enters a soul, takes possession of it, refreshes it, penetrates it utterly.” 

Praying for you!